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26 Jan '16

National Thank You Month

Posted by Pebbles Weitekamp

In appreciation for National Thank You Month, we at Little Teether would like to thank every customer that has supported us over the years. We are grateful for your continued patronage of our products, which we continue to develop and improve for your satisfaction.

At Little Teether, we are inspired by moms, business women, and especially kiddos! Feel free to drop us a line about an idea, a funny video, a rant, a rave, a smile! Unlike big corporations, you directly support our family, and we truly appreciate and value our customers, so thank you!

New Year, New Teething Necklaces

To usher in the new year and National Thank You Month, we're proud to introduce our latest collections. We are continually improving our products to provide you with more comfort, diverse fashion choices, and unwavering entertainment for baby.

One improvement within our 2016 line of teething necklaces is a chew bead-free neckline. This is for the comfort of the mother. This way, when the baby tugs on momma's fashionable necklace, the silicone beads won't rub on mom and back of the neck uncomfortable.

As always, the beads that we use for every design are still made from extremely safe silicone, which is safe and non-toxic. It's such a peace of mind knowing that baby could bite all they want without having to worry about them being exposed to toxins.

This year we introduce six new designs. These new teething jewelry designs has been created to specifically suit the personality of the user.

  • Amore
  • Brave
  • Chic
  • Geo
  • Classic
  • Glam

Amore Teething Necklaces

Just as the term "amore" suggest, this design is donned with heart-shaped beads made from silicone. You can choose from the various colors for this design. It is available in aqua, cranberry, lush mauve, slate, tropical teal, and white.

amore teething necklace

Brave Teething Necklaces

This teething necklace has a combination of two shapes: the heart, found in the middle, and the round chew beads, found on either side of the heart-shaped ones. The Brave also comes in a combination of two-colored beads. There is jet black paired with aqua, navy with petal pink, and tropical teal coupled with slate.

brave teething necklace

Chic Teething Necklaces

The beads used for this design look like flat pebbles of various sizes, the middle bead being the largest. In this teething necklace, there are two colors. You can choose from mint with powder smoke, slate with latte, or white and jet black combination.

chic teething necklace

Classic Teething Necklaces

The Classic teething necklace design is made up of round-shaped beads. This style is made up of more beads as compared to Chic and Amore. Colors include aqua, lush mauve, pink petal and slate.

classic teething necklace

Geo Teething Necklaces

The pattern of the beads used in this one are geometric in shape, as suggested by the name. You can choose from cranberry, lush mauve, lilac, latte, mint, jet black, navy, pink petal, powder smoke, or multi-color.

geo teething necklace

Glam Teething Necklaces

The glam design is similar to a rosary pattern made of varying bead shapes and color. Glam teething necklaces are available in coral with slate colors, jet black with white, slate with aqua and lilac with mint.

glam teething necklace

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