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11 Feb '16

Celebrate Valentine’s Day with Stylish Amore Teething Necklaces

Posted by Pebbles Weitekamp

Valentine's Day is right around the corner. Although chocolates, flowers, and cards are a staple to celebrating this day of love, why not spoil mom and satisfy baby? Little Teether's Amore line can do just that.

Amore Teething Necklace Designs

What's adorable about our Amore necklaces is that they celebrate the season of love with its Valentine Day appropriate design. The necklace has a set of 9 hearts, which rests near mommy's heart when worn. These 9 hearts come in different colors (cranberry, slate, tropical teal, lush mauve, aqua and white), and you can choose the one that appeals to mom the most.

Our Amore silicone teething necklaces are uber stylish, and the accessory is a welcome addition to mommy's wardrobe. It is 35 inches long, and it is the perfect length for a necklace-teether-in-one.

Amore Teething Necklace Elements

Like all Little Teether teething jewelry, Amore's hearts are made from silicone beads which are safe to chew. The chew beads are non-toxic so mothers need not worry about their babies munching on them. In fact, our chew beads are checked by our manufacturer and a 3rd party USA testing facility to ensure safety After testing, they are proven to be food-grade, BPA-free, and not to contain cadmium, lead, heavy metals, and phthalates.

The Amore necklace is bead-free at the neckline to ensure that mommy's neck is free from snagging when baby tugs the beads. Additionally, our Amore teething necklaces use a breakaway clasp to allow for easy release when little Hercules tugs hard. Last, Amore teething necklaces are easy to clean. All that is needed to be done is hand wash them or pop them in the dishwasher.

All Amore necklaces are priced affordably for Valentine's Day at just $22. Best of all, Amore teething necklaces, and all other Little Teether products are shipped gift wrapped. Further yet, if you spend more than $35, your order ships free. Win-win-win.

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