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22 Feb '16

National Children's Dental Month: Is Chewable Jewelry Safe?

Posted by Pebbles Weitekamp

Little Teether necklaces are products for babies just as much as they are fashion accessories for mommy. It is for this reason that our brand is meticulous about selecting the best components to allow for safe biting on by lovely, innocent babies. In recognition of National Children's Dental Month, I want to take a moment an emphasize that our #1 priority is your babies' safety.

teething jewelry

Little Teether abides by the Consumer Product Safety Commission's (CPSC) regulations regarding the manufacturing of goods that cater to children. Based on the CPSC's guidelines, all makers and importers of children's products should have a Children's Product Certificate verifying that the manufacturer complies with safety rules provided by the commission. In addition to embracing CPSC guidelines, we have our products tested by a third-party testing facility, which is further accredited by the CPSC.

Although our products are CPSC accredited, parent supervision is a must, as it should be with any baby toy or accessory. Little Teether's silicone chew jewelry may be for babies to play with, but they are for mothers to wear. At no point should a baby wear any teething product unless specifically noted otherwise by the manufacturer.

The most important and rigorously tested components of Little Teether necklaces are the beads that babies bite on when teething or playing with our product. These chew beads are made from food-grade silicone. This means that they are non-toxic and BPA-free and, therefore, do not pose any harmful threats.

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