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02 Mar '16

Inspiring Books for Read Across America Day

Posted by Pebbles Weitekamp

March 2nd welcomes Read Across America Day, affectionately also known as Dr. Seuss Day, after the beloved children's book author. This day is a time-honored tradition that encourages children across the country and motivates them to read.

In recognition of Read Across America Day, here are some lesser-known books that cover diverse topics to help instill the love of reading in your child:

  1. Green is a Chile Pepper: A Book of Colors Authored by Roseanne Tong and illustrated by John Parra, this is an attractive book for children because of its creative illustrations that showcase different items from different cultures from around the world.
  2. More More More Said the Baby: 3 Love Stories Vera B. Williams tells the story of how grown-ups have fallen in love with three children. A cute story to emphasize a parent's love for their children.
  3. Mama Do You Love Me? is written by Barbara M. Joosse. She drew inspiration for the book from how animals live in the Arctic region. This book is full of questions that parents frequently hear from their children, and helps illustrate the love that parents have for their children.
  4. Whoever You Are is a book written by Mem Fox and illustrated by Leslie Staub. This book covers how everyone is different, yet we all share commonalities. Such diversity is what bonds humankind. Little things like crying, smiling, laughing, having fun, getting hurt are all experienced by every child all over the world, no matter their location, race, economic class, etc.
  5. Yum Yum Dim Sum is written by Amy Wilson Sanger who based the book on experiences, showing that children's taste in things can develop over years.

Global Babies

  1. Global Babies . This book is by the Global Funds for Kids. This one capitalizes on the fact that children love to look at and are attracted to pictures that have people in them. Children are most attracted to photos of babies. The book contains photos of babies from across the globe wearing their national costume or something that represents their home. Although everything is written in Spanish, it is quite easy to understand because the photos speak loudly.
  2. Whistle for Willie is an endearing book written by Ezra Jack Keats that involves the relationship of a child named Peter, and his dog Willie. It shows the adventures of Peter learning how to whistle so he can communicate with his dog.
  3. Reach: A board book about curiosity written by Marjorie Lisovkis and Elizabeth Verdick is one of the Happy Healthy Baby Series. This book highlights how different babies and cultures explore curious things in the world.

Take the time to read to your child and to expose them to books at a young age. Knowledge is an invaluable treasure. Take advantage of Read Across America Day and pass on some knowledge.

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