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20 Mar '16

The Importance of BPA-Free Products

Posted by Pebbles Weitekamp

By the time your kid reaches the age of three, the majority of their baby teeth will have appeared. But before that happens, he or she will start teething as early as three months old. Your baby's gums will have a little swelling and soreness as it prepares for the first tooth to come through. Your baby might be irritable or finicky too, and as a parent you want to do everything to ease the discomfort. This is where something as simple as a teether can work wonders.

A teether helps your kid ease the soreness and the discomfort of growing teeth. Instead of a baby biting their fingers or random items to ease the discomfort, parents can offer a soothing teether. However, not all teethers are safe. Surprisingly, some sub-standard teethers laden with heavy metals, toxins and BPA still exist, which can harm the health of your baby.

With the observance of the National Poison Prevention Week on the 20th to 26th of March 2016, it is every parent's responsibility to make sure that the teether  you are giving your child is safe and BPA-free.

How to make sure that the teether is safe?

Carefully check teether packaging or included certifications. Can't find any? Contact the manufacturer. At Little Teether, we make understanding safety simple, because all of our teething jewelry is BPA-free.

Our products are tested for safety not just once but two separate times to truly guarantee safety. One test is conducted by our manufacturer to ensure the highest quality standards, while another test is facilitated by a third party testing facility in the USA. Only after such testings are completed and validated can you be assured that the teething jewelry you are giving your child is non-toxic, BPA-free, food grade, and without harmful heavy metals like lead, phthalates, and cadmium .

Fashionable teething necklaces worn by moms, used by babies

Chew bead manufacturers continue to come up with different shapes and designs. But what many manufacturers miss is that most babies, if not all, don't care as much about the design as they do just yanking on mommy's accessories and putting them in their mouth. That's why Little Teether's chew beads focus on designs that inspire moms with functionality that entertain baby. With such fashionable options, don't be surprised if you wear your fashionable chew jewelry long past your baby's teething phase.

In recognition of National Poison Prevention Week, let's do what we do best as parents and keep our little angels safe. Whether you join thousands of mothers in falling in love with Little Teether's food-grade chewable jewelry, or you find other chew toys for babies, make sure what your baby puts in their mouth is safe.

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