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13 May '15


Posted by Pebbles Weitekamp

Celebrities that Breastfeed and Why

It is amazing the different things that we look forward to as parents. We take the lead from other parents that as to the best things that can best help our children. One of those people that we look to for guidance is those in the spotlight. Celebrities are many times our guides on what is the popular thing to be doing.

So many celebrities have learned all the benefits of breastfeeding. Parenting.com offers a great list of 15 different celebrities that breastfed their children. There are great reasons to breastfed, but it is not always easy.

food groupsTory Spelling notes that she had troubles with low supply. So many reasons and remedies can help with low milk supply. Kellymom offers several suggestions on how to help increase your milk supply. One of those things is for mom to rest. Sleep when your baby sleeps. Drink tons of liquids and eat a proper and healthy diet.

Some mothers find that breastfeeding helps them lose weight. That is how Christina Aguilera felt as she watched her pounds melt off. This is something that has been proven for many mothers.

twinsTwins is something that can confuse many people. Some believe that nursing at the same time is easier. However, Angelina Jolie stated that for her it was easier to let her twin take turns. She said it can take more time, but it was worth it.

Another celebrity that was able to nurse twins was Julie Bowen. She was proud of the fact that she was able to nurse them at the same time. Even though some people believe that these pictures are not worth sharing, others believe that sharing the amazing pictures encouraging to others who may be having troubles.

breastfeedingCovering up when you nurse is something that can be a nuisance sometimes; Kourtney Kardashian expressed her joy to nursing without a cover. She does cover to avoid paparazzi getting a picture to sell. She thinks that if you do not want to see it then you do not need to be looking at it. This is one of the best attitudes for any mother to have.

There are so many reasons to breastfed if you wish to. There are also many role models to follow, in the public eye and many right in your community.


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