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13 May '15

Best Friends Day

Posted by Pebbles Weitekamp

June 8th is Best Friends Day

It is amazing how many different types of holidays that people have created over the years. If you look at the right calendar, you can find at least one holiday on every day of the year.

June 8th if every year is called Best Friend Day. This is a day that is designed to honor not only your best friend but also the relationship that exists because of friendship.

Your best friend is a person that you are comfortable sharing everything with. It is the person that you share you hopes and dreams, secrets and disappointments. Your best friend is a person that no matter where life takes you. You will be able to stay friends through different jobs, moving, and even when long distance is required.

Wiki How can give you step-by-step instructions on how to make the string bracelets of several designs. A loop bracelet can be done with a loom or without. Pixie Purls has instructions on how to make a loop friendship bracelet without a loom.

One of the best friendship projects that was have found is a set of necklaces made from puzzle pieces.Taking two puzzle pieces that fit together perfectly and making them into two necklaces. Signifying that no matter what they will always fit together like this puzzle is the perfect gift for the special best friend in your life. Speckless has all the instructions on how to make this do it yourself jewelry.

Do not forget some of the non-gift oriented things that only best friends can do together. For example, that perfect spa day. If you do not want to go to the spa, make a spa of your own. Give each other manicure, facials, pedicure, and even massages. Do not forget the cucumber slices because that makes all the difference. pieces. 

One of the forgotten arts, in this day and age, is letters. It is amazing the feeling ti receive something in the mailbox that is not a bill. The letter you write does not have to be long, it can be something quick and short. The important part is taking the time to write down you words. 

Some believe you can only have one best friend. However, my dad said that throughout your life you would only have enough people that fit on one hand that you would call true friends. 

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