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21 Apr '16

Making Earth Day Fun and Meaningful for Kids

Posted by Pebbles Weitekamp

Earth Day is an important opportunity to encourage people to become more aware of the importance of keeping our environment happy and healthy. As all of us grow from children into adults, we become busy. It is important to instill a sense of ownership in the well-being of Earth while children are young, before “life happens.” This will support a life-long appreciation for our environment. Here are some fun and educational activities which can help children see the importance of keeping the environment clean and healthy.


Earth Day


Create a tiny indoor garden using plants that are easy to maintain.

Spend time with your kids making their very own mini-indoor garden. Create or purchase a box container made of recycled wood. Make sure that it can withstand prolonged exposure to moisture from watering your plants. Fill it with some soil and seeds of your children’s picking. Let them jazz it up with some miniature cactus, cute pebbles and other items to give the planter box its own personality.

Make a real garden.

Lets face it. Kids these days do not get dirty like they used to. These days its all about the latest video games or the newest TV shows. Hit two birds with one stone by updating the look of your backyard garden while providing a unique and fun activity for your kids. Assign a small patch of dirt to each kid and allow them to decorate their ‘own’ garden with all the plants and natural decor that they want. You win by reaping family fun and rewarding vegetables.

Embrace the outdoors.

These days, young children are always seen holding onto their mobile gadgets and wasting their time attached to tablets. Earth Day is a great opportunity to encourage children to let go of their electronic gadgets for the day and enjoy playing traditional games outdoors. From hide and seek, to kick the can, and tag, there are so many outdoor activities that can provide a great deal of fun for free.

Treasure hunt.

Kids love searching for hidden ‘treasures.’ Put a new spin on Easter egg-styled hunts. Put some treasure hunt items at the base of some trees or up in the branches. Hide some goodies in a bed of rocks. Hide whatever items of your liking in various places in your backyard that will draw your children into the beauty of nature.

Bake some delicious organic sweet treat.

Kids love sweets right? A great activity to acknowledge Earth Day and to satisfy your sweet tooth is to bake some goodies with your kids. Whip up some treats using organic ingredients and educate your children about the importance of living a life that is not riddled with junk food and over-processed meals.

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