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21 Nov '16

Tips to make your home comfortable this Thanksgiving

Posted by Pebbles Weitekamp

When celebrating Thanksgiving, the more, the merrier. There’s nowhere you’d rather be than with people you love. But let's be honest. When hosting Thanksgiving this year, you may feel the stress of dealing with so many guests. A successful holiday celebration relies on the ability to create a comfortable atmosphere for everyone. Here are a few of our favorite Thanksgiving success tips that readers have shared.


1. Ask

Planning beforehand is always a good idea. Ask your expected visitors if they have any preference requests, dietary restrictions with food, expected number of guests that they will bring, etc. Perhaps some guests would like to bring a dish of their own to share for Thanksgiving dinner. This will give you an easy head start on planning what to serve.

If you're still preparing food when your guests arrive, ask if they would mind lending you a hand. Many people enjoy helping out and contribute. Cooking together is also a great bonding experience.

2. Include everybody in the conversation

You may have family or friends that want to bring additional people along. Perhaps a new significant other, a friend in need of company, or a co-worker from out of town that would like to enjoy some company, too. These guests won't know many people at the party so take the initiative to make them feel comfortable and engage them in conversation.

3. Take It Easy

Big celebrations and preparations can make you feel anxious. Breathe, stay calm and be yourself. If you’re relaxed, your guests will sense it, and they'll feel a lot more comfortable, too.

Few things beat a fun, casual atmosphere with friends and family. Once the hustle and bustle of meal time is over, just relax.

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