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03 May '16

Why Mom’s are so Great

Posted by Damon Burton

As we become mothers ourselves we often get caught up in the fast-paced schedule of life. We put off the basic cordials in life “until tomorrow.” When was the last time you gave your mom a tight and long hug? How about an “I love you,” or a phone call just to say, “I miss you.”

There are a million reasons why mom’s are so great, including being a mom yourself. In celebration of Mother’s Day, here are a few of our favorite reasons why mom’s are so special.

  1. Moms are the best cooks! Grabbing takeout or even visiting your favorite restaurant is never as fulfilling as having a home cooked meal. Moms can whip the simplest of ingredients into a delectable soul food that can satisfy your cravings. Nothing can compare to a cup of soup that moms cooked with all her love and care. 
  2. Moms know everything! Moms are like Google wherein they seem to know everything. From endless, silly “what-ifs” and inane questioning, moms never ran out of patience to give us answers. Moms seem to know the answer even to the most trivial questions up to the most profound one.
  3. Moms are psychics, or so they seem to be. Moms know when we are sad or if something is troubling us. She knows if we are keeping secrets, too! Before you get the chance to ask if mom has a moment to talk, she seems to already know that you need the one-on-one pep talk. 
  4. Moms are our best friend. You may have a BFF, but your foremost very best friend is always mom. When the going gets tough, moms are there as your cheerleader.
  5. Moms are our safe haven. A mother’s embrace is enough to keep you feeling loved and secure. A mother’s love is a shield against the bad and a reminder of the good in life.

This Mother’s Day, make mom feel special. Whether you choose to go with an over-the-top expression of gratitude for mom, something unique like food-grade silicone teether beads, or traditional gifts of chocolates, flowers, or a dinner out, you know mom best. Warm her heart the same way she warms yours.

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