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22 Oct '17

Top 3 Safe & Non-Toxic Teething Remedies

Posted by Pebbles Weitekamp

There are so many products on the market, targeting teething babies. It is one of the more difficult phases for parents to deal with, so moms and dads are always looking for products to help make the process easier. The difficulty is finding products that are safe and non-toxic. Here are 3 super easy, safe, affordable, and non-toxic options for teething remedies. 

  • Breast Milk Popsicle: It's been referred to as the "Momsicle." Not only does this provide a sensory experience for baby, it is delicious and feels so soothing on their gums. The downside is that it can get messy, and that most people don't already have the molds to make popsicles. You can find them cheap at the grocery store or on amazon. And if you're already nursing, the breast milk is free! Follow the link to see instructions of how to make these popsicles. (Note: you can also use ice cube trays to make breast milk ice cubes and then put them into a mesh baby feeder.)

  • Little Teether Toys and Necklaces: They're stylish, modern, affordable, completely safe, and easy to clean! You can't do better than these products. They are easy to stick in your diaper bag, stash around the house and in the car, cool off in the refrigerator, and keep around your neck. The toys and necklaces are loved by moms and babies and are quickly becoming the most desired teething products for the little teethers around the world. 

  • Big Whole Refrigerated Carrot Sticks: You simply cannot get more simple or more affordable than this. The temperature off the refrigerator is perfect for teething gums. It isn't as harsh as the freezer but still provides the cool sensation to give the gums some relief. The big carrots are perfect for the tiny hands to hold onto and also introduce your little ones to vegetables! Win-win! 


We'd love to hear if you have other remedies that have worked well for your little teethers. Please comment below - we love hearing new ideas! 

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