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15 Dec '15

Why It's Never Too Early to Read to Your Baby

Posted by Kelly Weber

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, it's never too early to begin reading your you baby!

Reading to your baby during infancy can help them recognize your voice more distinctly. It is important to use enthusiasm when reading to even the smallest baby because, as you read to these young babies, many connections form in their small, developing brains. Many of the connections made from singing, reading, and talking to your baby will impact them for a lifetime. Using emotion in your words, while reading, will help your child develop an emotional intelligence. Having a solid emotional intelligence will help your child relate to their peers as they grow older.  

Reading to a young child will also help them develop literary skills. Children that are read to as babies typically have a high reading comprehension when compared to those children who were never read to as babies. It is important to read to your baby every day! 

Reading with your baby is also a great time for bonding! If your little one is getting distracted and begins to attempt to chew some of the pages of the book, then it's the perfect time to throw on a Little Teether necklace! The Little Teether necklaces make it much easier to read with a teething baby on your lap! Hooray!

During the winter time there is truly nothing better than cozying up by the fire in your favorite sweats and socks with your loved ones; especially, if there is hot cocoa and cookies nearby! These cozy nights by the fire are the perfect opportunity to read together as a family. Even if your child is able to read on their own, it is still important to attempt to read with them. Children who are able to read on their own will be pushed to become a more fluent reader when read to by a mature speaker.

Happy Reading!

Little Teether

Reading, rhyming, singing, and talking to your babies is worthwhile at every age! For more information on the importance of reading to babies and children,  please visit the link listed below.


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