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18 Dec '15

Train Like An Angel 'til the New Year!

Posted by Kelly Weber

Good Morning and Happy Friday!

With Christmas exactly one week away, the excitement of the holiday is building exponentially! 

Relatives may begin to arrive later today or you may be jumping on a plane to visit loved ones that you rarely get to spend time with! You could still be hustling around to buy presents to ship out to loved ones you will not see during the holidays this year.  

Whatever you are doing today, and for the rest of the week, we're assuming that you are going to be extra busy. 

You may even be so busy that you will forget to take time to think about your needs for the day. Your mind may become completely occupied with taking care of everyone else that you forget to make yourself a priority ['tis the season!].

At Little Teether we do not want you to become so consumed in the needs of others that you forget yourself. We want you to feel well taken care of and supported. We want you to be your best self so that you can be the best parent for your little one. Becoming your best self as a parent begins with putting your needs as a parent before the needs of your child.

If you are a young mom, this time of the year can be especially challenging with regard to finding a balance between taking care of baby's needs, your parenting partner's needs, your extended families' needs, your friends needs, your business duties, etc.

One thing that will help you find a balance for satisfying everybody's needs is putting your needs first, this means putting your health and wellbeing in front of everyone else's in your world.

Many mothers make the mistake of sacrificing literally everything that they once did selfishly for themselves in order to be available to their baby. As great as it may seem, being available to your child at all times is not sustainable, nor is it necessarily healthy for the mother or the baby. 

As a mother, you must maintain some degree of selfishness. One perfect degree of selfishness is exercise. All new moms, young moms, old moms, grandmoms, great-grandmoms, etc need to be exercising. Why?

Exercising will allow you to keep up with your kids in the future, it will help you look better and it will slow the signs of aging. Exercising will boost your mood and lower your anxiety. It will improve your metabolism so that you don't have to fret about what you eat and exercise will help you sleep better at night!  

For the rest of 2015, Little Teether wants to challenge you to Train Like An Angel with one of our favorite Victoria's Secret angels, Lily Aldridge!

 All you need is a laptop connected to wifi, a yoga mat, about nine square feet, some water, comfy sweats, a sports bra, and 20 minutes each day for the next two weeks! 

If you're lucky, you may even get the whole family to join in on these angel inspired workouts. You may even start a new and healthy holiday tradition with your fabulous fitness moves.

Tag us in your photos on Instagram and Facebook using #LittleTeether or @LittleTeether to keep us updated on your fitness progress! 

We hope that this challenge inspires you to put yourself and your health first so that you can be the best mama for your little one! 

Stay Flexin'
Little Teether

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