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03 Dec '15

Safe Toys and Gifts Month

Posted by Pebbles Weitekamp

So many toys! Christmas seems to rain toys within the walls of your house. It's amazing to see the smiles on your little one's face as they embrace their latest stuffed animal, toy, or iGadget.

With kids receiving so many new toys during the holidays it is hard to stay up to par on the latest safety issues with them. Are your kids' toys safe? Label warnings can be hard to read, misplaced, or not present at all. How can we assure that our children are safe with their new toys? Here are some safety considerations.

 safe toys


Review toys to make sure they are appropriate for your kid's age. Check out the product's label. Can't find a definitive answer? Go with your instinct.

All parents know that babies love putting small parts in their mouth. Toys with tiny removable parts are not recommended for kids under four years old. Also, watch out for playthings that could potentially trap your little angel's fingers.

Toy Shape and Hardness

The shape or density (hardness) of toys are worth considering. Toys with hard-edge components might hurt toddlers since they have a habit of hitting things, often their self. To avoid injuries, leave the bulky toys for older kids.

Toy Weight

For little tykes, lighter toys are more appropriate. Heavier toys make for painful drops on toes.

Protective Gear

Did Jr. get a new bike or skateboard for Christmas? Make sure to compliment the new ride with a helmet and appropriate pads.

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