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31 Dec '15

Welcoming the New Year with the 2016 Collection

Posted by Pebbles Weitekamp

The year is almost over. But before we enter the gates of 2016, let us first express our heartfelt appreciation to all of you, our loyal custo

mers. You've been with us since our Etsy days! Thank you for the continued support. You. Are. Awesome.

Necklace Highlight of 2015

For the year 2015, we launched a collection of amazing, non-toxic teething necklaces of different shaped beads and colors. These adored long necklaces have become a fashion statement as much as they are functional.

During 2015, our The Little Miss Dainty Teething Necklace , which came in tropical teal and red colors and octagon-shaped beads, is now sold out. Thanks to you guys.

Most of our 2015 teething jewelry collection have necklaces that run all the way from one end to another. With our 2016's, however, we created designs that have no beads on the neckline, amplifying mom's comfort.

Little Teether's 2016 Collection

teething jewelry

So far, the 2016 collection has six designs to choose from:

Amore Teething Necklace - Heart-shaped chew beads that are available in various colors such as cranberry, slate, aqua, lush mauve, tropical teal, and white.

Brave Teething Necklace - A combination of round and heart-shaped chewable beads that come in three combinations of two colors. One combination is jet black and aqua, another is tropical teal and slate, and the last one is navy and petal pink.

Chic Teething Necklace - These nursing baby beads are shaped like pebbles of different sizes and colors. Check out this breastfeeding chew necklace in combos of jet black and white, slate and latte, and the mint and powder smoke duo.

Classic Teething Necklace - Round-shaped chew beads of varying sizes. Our Classic teething necklace comes in lush mauve, aqua, slate, and pink petal colors.

Geo Teething Necklace - Geometric baby beads, anyone? Options include jet black, cranberry, slate, lush mauve, pink petal, mint, navy, powder smoke, lilac, latte, and multicolor.

Glam Teething Necklace - This silicone teething jewelry has varying bead shapes and a combination of two colors per necklace; jet black and white, lilac and mint, slate and aqua, as well as coral and slate.

These new designs have the same functionality and safety features like the ones in 2015, but with more options and improved comfort. All can be used as accessories either for casual outings or semi-formal events.

As with all Little Teether products, our silicone teething jewelry is non-toxic. Not to mention, they're tough, too. So when baby tugs hard on the necklace, which you know they will do, you won't have to worry. Our necklaces are designed for safety and comfort, and the breakaway clasp will ensure longevity in your investment in chewable silicone necklaces from Little Teether.

Thank you for an amazing 2015, and for what already looks like will be an amazing 2016. Happy New Year!

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