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22 Oct '17

Top 3 Teething Hacks

Posted by Pebbles Weitekamp

Unfortunately, teething is something that affects ALL babies. We WANT our babies to get their teeth, but the process can be so uncomfortable, can throw off our routines, affect our sleep at night, and cause our notoriously happy baby to be all sorts of grouchy! So these are three SIMPLE hacks that can make this process a little bit easier for everyone.


  • Utilize the fridge. Most parents habitually put teething toys into the freezer. This actually ends up being too harsh for the baby to hold or to put in their mouth. The fridge is nice and cool and is actually a perfect temperature for our Silicone Teething Products -- both toys and necklaces. This hack also works great with a wet washcloth, which is another favorite for teething babies.


  • Have products readily available and easy to clean. When your sweet baby turns into the crazy teething monster, you want to have access to a quick remedy. Let's be honest, our babies drop EVERYTHING on the floor. So it can be a pain to have to wash a plush teether once it falls on the floor of a restaurant or in a parking lot. When your kiddo is sad, you want something quick and available. All of our products are made from Food Grade Silicone. They can be washed with soap, in the dishwasher, or using sterilization bags. Silicone doesn't harbor bacteria and there is no area that you are unable to clean. Have these toys and necklaces scattered around your house, in your diaper bag, in your car, so you have quick access to one whenever your baby starts fussing.

  • Teething Oil. We love to use Punpkin Butt but there are several products on the market. When there is a lot of drool, it is sometimes hard for the oil to stay put in the right spot in their mouth. I like to rub a little bit of the oil onto their favorite Little Teether (toy or necklace) and when they gnaw on it, the oil will hit just the right spot. 

I hope these hacks are helpful for you and your little teether! And remember, you're not alone -- all kids get teeth at some point! 

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