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Brave Teething Necklace

Brave Teething Necklace


Brave Little Teether Necklace has a set of four hearts near your heart while wearing this necklace. Circular beads follow 'round while a pop of color in the shape of brave hearts lines the bottom.

About Chew Beads:

  • Little Teether chew jewelry are super stylish, affordable, and a staple to any mama's wardrobe.
  • These fashion silicone baby beads cater to teething babies, breastfeeding moms, or any parent that needs a quiet distraction when holding a busy baby. 
  • Our non-toxic chew necklace are tested twice, once by manufacturer, and once by a 3rd party USA testing facility.
    • food-grade
    • BPA-free
    • Free of phthalates, lead, cadmium, and heavy metals.
  • 35" length (perfect length!)
  • No baby beads at the neckline (snag free!)
  • Knots in between each baby bead (added safety!)
  • silicone chew jewelry (like pacifiers & bottle nipples!)
  • Breakaway clasp (pops off if baby tugs too hard!)
  • Easy to clean teether beads (hand wash or top rack dishwasher!)
  • All fashion breastfeeding chewable beads arrives gift wrapped (appreciated by any mommy!)


Remember, these are only to be worn by adults. Babies are to teeth on them under direct supervision only.