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What's in your Diaper Bag?

What Should Go In Every Diaper Bag

There are so many things that we are not told about as parents. After the first child you think that you know it all, but you don’t. One of the most important things that a parent can do is have the right kind of stuff. This may seem silly, but when you are out it is important to be sure to have everything you might need.


There are some things that you will have to replace in each diaper bag. Diapers and wipes are going to be a staple of life for the next few years. Always include at least 4 diapers and a pack of wipes. If you are breastfeeding then you will also need to include some breast pads, you might go through those quickly so be prepared. Something that no bag should be without is hand sanitizer, you will go through a lot when you are out. Keeping your hands (and others) prepared to touch your baby at all times. Last but not least is formula. This is something that is a must when it comes to feeding your baby. You will need to pack the formula and the bottles. If you are breastfeeding you want to include a bottle of water. This is the one thing that any woman breastfeeding needs to replenish.

Safety Gear

When you’re a parent, especially first timer, you prepare for every possible thing that could go wrong. This isn’t a bad thing, however here are some ideas of those things that you absolutely need. Thermometer is something that most diaper bags have in them. They aren’t often needed, however they are always needed when you least expect it. Medicine is something that everyone says to have in the bag, but bringing the whole cabinet won’t do any good. Keep a bottle of Tylenol or Motrin in the bag. Anything more than that and you will already have been to the doctors. Diaper cream is something that every diaper bag needs. Every baby gets diaper rash at some point in time.

Other Essentials

There are other things that belong in a diaper bag, these things are important and most parents can’t live without. Burp cloths is something that is a must at a very young age, however if you get used to them as most parents do, or for as long as you use a diaper bag. Pacifiers are something that you might want to keep on hand.

However, as your babies grow you will find that they needed a few different things. For example, as you pass the first few months when teeth begin you will want teething rings. These can be bought at the store, they are designed to help alleviate some of the pain as well as something to bite on. Something else that can help a mom when it comes to teething, is to have a necklace that is specially made for your baby to chew on. Little Miss Fairytale is a place to get some of the cutest teething jewelry. This can make not only baby happy, but help mama to look great as well.



Mommy on a Budget

Mommy Friendly Ways To Cut a Budget

Cutting your budget is something that so many of us think about on a monthly basis. Here are some ideas on ways that you can cut a budget. There are several options that a person has depending on how much they are looking to cut.

Monthly Budget

This is the first step in making any decreases to your budget. In order to know where to decrease you need to know what to cut. Creating a list of all your expenses as well as all the places that you spend money each is very helpful. Getting a clear view of the money going out can help when looking for ways to save money.


The grocery bill is usually one of the largest expenses that you will have each month. There are some tips that can help you to reduce your grocery bill.

ü  Making a list can help to make sure that you are not buying more items of the things that you already have at home.


ü  Couponing is a tip that many families are doing more often. There are places that offer double coupon days that can help you to save a lot of money sometimes.


ü  Mini gardens are becoming popular. Self-sustainment is becoming trendier as the food industry notes new chemicals and troubles with certain foods. Having a veggie garden can be helpful at least to supplement some of the food budget.


ü  Shopping on a full stomach can be the difference in your total grocery bill. When an individual is hungry, they tend to buy more food than when they are not.


ü  Buying in bulk can also help to reduce your monthly grocery cost. This is only helpful if you purchase things that you use a lot. This can stop the mid-week shopping trips.

Food Options

Some food options that you can take can help you to save money without even realizing it. Sometimes the hardest changes are the ones that are made because of convenience. One of the easiest changes that you can make is to not go through the drive thru at the coffee house. Those specialty coffees can be one of the biggest budget drains a person can have. Those once a day treats of $4.00 can add up to a lot at the end of the month. Another, way to cut your monthly budget is through taking your lunch. Buying lunches can also be a big drain on a budget. Paying $5.00 or more per day for a lunch special can put a big hole in your budget. Packing your lunch the night before can save time in the mornings, and save money for the whole month.

Saving money can be hard, but so many people can do these little things to help increase their money at the end of the month.