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7 Signs Your Little One is Teething

7 Signs Your Little One is Teething

Sometimes it is a little hard to tell if your little one is teething or if they are just acting up. This is especially hard if you are a first time parent who isn't in the loop on how this whole teething thing works. I am here to fill you in and tell you all about signs to look for when it comes to your baby and teething. 

  1. Drool and lots of it! There would be days where my daughter's whole front onesie would be soaked. I wasn't quite sure how it is possible for one little baby to drool so much, but it happens. Your baby is creating extra saliva to help lubricate those sore gums.
  2. Swollen gums. There might be an area on their gums that look swollen or more red. If you rub your finger over their gums there usually is a slight bump where the tooth is soon to come from. 
  3. Team no sleep. My daughter tends to take less naps during her teething periods. But some will wake up in the middle of the night out of discomfort. Since, there is no other distractions around all they can think about is their poor little teething growing in.
  4. Refusing food. Babies don't like to eat around teething times. My babe will try to drink her bottle but then stops earlier than usual. Not to worry though, keep trying and offering food.
  5. Pulling ears and rubbing face. My daughter is constantly tugging on her ears during teething. She also will rub her cheeks and chin. Babies do this to help massage the areas and it creates counter pressure that helps with some relief of the pain. 
  6. Cranky babe. Growing teeth is really hard and I would be cranky too. My little teether tends to be very fussy and wants me to hold her and give her snuggles.
  7. Biting everything. My daughter will put anything in her mouth and gnaw on it while teething. At times it might be her own little fingers. But, biting and gnawing will help push that pointy tooth out. 

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