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How To Clean Teething Products

How To Clean Teething Products

Thank goodness for teething toys and teether necklaces. Our little babes would not make it through the teething stages without it. I am sure, if your little one is like mine, she is constantly putting her teething toys in her mouth and drooling all over the whole thing. Since, the toys and necklaces are constantly going in our babies' mouths then they should also be as clean as possible and germ free. 

Here are some easy cleaning hacks to get your teething products sparkling clean. 

Dishwasher Top Rack - Since the our products are made of silicon just throw your teethers or teething necklaces in the top reach of your dishwasher. I like to do this when I don't really have the time to wash it by hand. When I am about to turn the dishwasher on I just throw all the silicone toys in there really quickly. 

Boiling - Just like bottles or nipples you can boil your teething products. Grab a pot and make sure there is enough water to bring it to a boil. Or bring a kettle of hot water to a boil and pour over the teethers. Let them boil for at least a few minutes. 

Hand wash and scrub - Take a bottle brush or a sponge and clean with hot water and dish soap. This might be a good step to do if you do choose to boil or sterilize them. Get them extra, extra clean!

Sterilize steam bags - Grab a sterilizer bag from Medela or Dr. Brown and throw your teething toys or necklaces in them too. Pop the bag in the microwave and wait a few minutes while it does the job in sterilizing for you.

White Vinegar and Water - Mix one part water and one part vinegar in a spray bottle. Spray down the toys and then wipe down. Or mix the parts in a bowl and let the teething toy sit for a bit.

Cleaning your teething toys and necklaces can be made easier with these mom hacks. If your little one is teething, Little Teethers makes the perfect toy for baby or teething necklace for both mom and baby. 

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