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3 Fun Physical and Sports Activities Little Kids Will Enjoy

3 Fun Physical and Sports Activities Little Kids Will Enjoy

Much has been written about the benefits of exercise and sports; healthy body, healthy mind, and better disposition and mood are just some of the many benefits. Despite knowing so many of the benefits of exercise, reluctantly, so many of us still live a sedentary lifestyle.

treasure map

In recognition of National Physical Fitness and Sports Month, an annual celebration of physical activity each May, now is a great time to start thinking about your health and renew your commitment to a healthy lifestyle.

Get ready to break out the “I like to move it, move it.” song. To help encourage families and their kids to be active together, here are some activities that everyone can do together.

  1. Treasure Hunt. Is there any kid who doesn’t like a treasure hunt? Prepare a treasure hunt game around the house or in the backyard. In every clue, add a physical activity or sports that they can do. It is sort of an Amazing Race type of treasure hunt wherein before moving to the next clue, they need to first perform a task. Your kids will be looking forward to this fun-filled treasure hunt and their bodies will appreciate the physical activity.
  2. Games for Chore-Free Week. Sweating it out can be done not only through exercise, but doing some household chores, too. Parents will love this idea since it encourages physical activity and teaches children responsibility. Parents define wherein a child who wins a physical game, perhaps at home, school, or at youth sports, will be able to enjoy a chore-free week.
  3. Follow the Leader. This activity works well for younger children. When parents are ready to rock some mom and dad-level chores, break out a matching outfit or apron for the toddlers of the home, turn on some music, allow the children to follow and copy your chores and let the fun begin. Not only will everyone involved get in some light physical activity, but the house gets cleaned and the kids get to enjoy some quality fun time with mom and dad.

These activities are fun for kids and they won’t feel like they’re being forced to get in some physical activity. What are some of your favorite ways to get your kids active?

Why Mom’s are so Great

Why Mom’s are so Great

As we become mothers ourselves we often get caught up in the fast-paced schedule of life. We put off the basic cordials in life “until tomorrow.” When was the last time you gave your mom a tight and long hug? How about an “I love you,” or a phone call just to say, “I miss you.”

There are a million reasons why mom’s are so great, including being a mom yourself. In celebration of Mother’s Day, here are a few of our favorite reasons why mom’s are so special.

  1. Moms are the best cooks! Grabbing takeout or even visiting your favorite restaurant is never as fulfilling as having a home cooked meal. Moms can whip the simplest of ingredients into a delectable soul food that can satisfy your cravings. Nothing can compare to a cup of soup that moms cooked with all her love and care. 
  2. Moms know everything! Moms are like Google wherein they seem to know everything. From endless, silly “what-ifs” and inane questioning, moms never ran out of patience to give us answers. Moms seem to know the answer even to the most trivial questions up to the most profound one.
  3. Moms are psychics, or so they seem to be. Moms know when we are sad or if something is troubling us. She knows if we are keeping secrets, too! Before you get the chance to ask if mom has a moment to talk, she seems to already know that you need the one-on-one pep talk. 
  4. Moms are our best friend. You may have a BFF, but your foremost very best friend is always mom. When the going gets tough, moms are there as your cheerleader.
  5. Moms are our safe haven. A mother’s embrace is enough to keep you feeling loved and secure. A mother’s love is a shield against the bad and a reminder of the good in life.

This Mother’s Day, make mom feel special. Whether you choose to go with an over-the-top expression of gratitude for mom, something unique like food-grade silicone teether beads, or traditional gifts of chocolates, flowers, or a dinner out, you know mom best. Warm her heart the same way she warms yours.

Poems That Kids Will Love

Poems That Kids Will Love

It’s beautiful watching young children when they are at the age in their lives where everything is new to them. Every time they see, hear or touch something, they are always in a state of constant awe. It is inspiring to see how magical everything is in their eyes and to know that their imagination knows no bounds. It is important to introduce literature to young minds so that imagination embraces reading early on.


reading a poem

Poems are a way for children to easily be introduced to reading. What could be more attention grabbing for children than an imaginative, whimsical poem? In appreciation for April being National Poetry Month, here are some popular authors and their well-loved poems that your kids will surely love.

Dr. Seuss

Theodor Seuss Geisel was an American illustrator and writer, more popularly known as Dr. Seuss. Since the early 30’s of the 20th century, his books have brought joy to billions of people across the world. What makes the poems of Dr. Seuss amazing is that they provide an opportunity for children to look deep into their imagination and go to a world that is full of endless possibilities. The Cat in the Hat, How the Grinch Stole Christmas, Green Eggs and Ham, The Lorax, and Horton Hears a Who! are just a few of the books in Dr. Seuss’s vast collection. Children love the books of Dr. Seuss for their charming rhymes and amazing illustrations that will make a child laugh and smile while reading.

A.A. Milne

This famous English author is best known for his books about a certain young boy named Christopher Robbins and his unique friendship with his teddy bear, Winnie the Pooh. What a lot of people do not realize is that Mr. Milne had also written numerous other books and children’s poetry. His poems are simplistic, easy to read, and are enjoyed by children. Some notable work includes Puppy and I, and Now We are Six.

Lewis Carroll

Lewis Carroll, born Charles Lutwidge Dodgson, was a British writer and poet who is widely known for his books such as Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass. Few know that he was also a respected mathematician, dabbled in the art of photography, and created poetry for children. Some poems worth entertaining include A Game of Fives, The Crocodile, Brother and Sister, The Walrus and the Carpenter, and Little Birds.

Robert Louis Stevenson

An author who became famous for his works such as Treasure Island, the Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, and Kidnapped, Robert Louis Stevenson is also known as a great poet and had created several children’s poems. A Child’s Garden of Verses is a book which contains his collection of poetry for young children.

Making Earth Day Fun and Meaningful for Kids

Making Earth Day Fun and Meaningful for Kids

Earth Day is an important opportunity to encourage people to become more aware of the importance of keeping our environment happy and healthy. As all of us grow from children into adults, we become busy. It is important to instill a sense of ownership in the well-being of Earth while children are young, before “life happens.” This will support a life-long appreciation for our environment. Here are some fun and educational activities which can help children see the importance of keeping the environment clean and healthy.


Earth Day


Create a tiny indoor garden using plants that are easy to maintain.

Spend time with your kids making their very own mini-indoor garden. Create or purchase a box container made of recycled wood. Make sure that it can withstand prolonged exposure to moisture from watering your plants. Fill it with some soil and seeds of your children’s picking. Let them jazz it up with some miniature cactus, cute pebbles and other items to give the planter box its own personality.

Make a real garden.

Lets face it. Kids these days do not get dirty like they used to. These days its all about the latest video games or the newest TV shows. Hit two birds with one stone by updating the look of your backyard garden while providing a unique and fun activity for your kids. Assign a small patch of dirt to each kid and allow them to decorate their ‘own’ garden with all the plants and natural decor that they want. You win by reaping family fun and rewarding vegetables.

Embrace the outdoors.

These days, young children are always seen holding onto their mobile gadgets and wasting their time attached to tablets. Earth Day is a great opportunity to encourage children to let go of their electronic gadgets for the day and enjoy playing traditional games outdoors. From hide and seek, to kick the can, and tag, there are so many outdoor activities that can provide a great deal of fun for free.

Treasure hunt.

Kids love searching for hidden ‘treasures.’ Put a new spin on Easter egg-styled hunts. Put some treasure hunt items at the base of some trees or up in the branches. Hide some goodies in a bed of rocks. Hide whatever items of your liking in various places in your backyard that will draw your children into the beauty of nature.

Bake some delicious organic sweet treat.

Kids love sweets right? A great activity to acknowledge Earth Day and to satisfy your sweet tooth is to bake some goodies with your kids. Whip up some treats using organic ingredients and educate your children about the importance of living a life that is not riddled with junk food and over-processed meals.

Mom-Time. Learning to Relax

Mom-Time. Learning to Relax

Being a mother is the most rewarding roles in the world. It can come with some times of stress, too. It does not matter if you are a full-time mom or a working mom, lemons in life happen. No matter how stressful mom-life can be, you need to make time for yourself. A few of the following tips will help you make your life less stressful.


Progressive relaxation

If you can’t find hours upon hours of time to relax, spend time doing progressive relaxation. All you need to do is to squeeze the muscles of your legs and feet for a few seconds. You will feel the muscles tense up then slowly ease the tension by releasing your squeezing efforts.

Then go on to the next muscle groups, thighs and glutes, and repeat. After this, you can now move on to your abdominal muscles and lower back. Go up to your chest and upper back. The last will be your arm and forearm muscles, then hands.

Your hands will need special attention since they are among the most abused parts of your body. Make a fist and tighten it. Slowly release and then stretch your fingers back one at a time.

As you go through tightening and relaxing your body muscles, you will begin to feel tension being relieved from your body.

Inhale, Exhale

Fast and shallow breathing is a sign of being stressed out. When you are not breathing the correct way you are not able to inhale proper amounts of oxygen. Aside from obvious negative effects of not breathing in enough oxygen, a lack of oxygen can lower positive effects of reducing toxins from your body.

The good thing is that regular deep breathing is not a strenuous exercise to do. Lie down flat on your back, preferably on a firm surface. Hold your hands just below your rib cage and inhale long and hard. Exhale slowly until you release every bit of air you inhaled. By repeating this process a few times per day you are likely to develop a healthy habit of deep breathing.

Give your brain a vacation

Sometimes, the most relieving thing to think about is nothing at all. Giving your brain a vacation from thinking, or having it only think about the beautiful things in your life, is a great way to relieve stress. Your body feels what your brain thinks. If you are always focused on stressful things than your body will be stressed, too. If you focus on happy thoughts, than your body will feel happy.

There are a lot of ways to squeeze in time to relax as a mom, even if for just a moment. In addition to the above tips, the joy that I find in my child’s face when playing with our teething jewelry is as fool-proof a method of relaxation as there can be.