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How to prepare your disabled child for parenthood

How to prepare your disabled child for parenthood


How to prepare your disabled child for parenthood


Congratulations! Your baby is having a baby. As a parent to a disabled child, you have watched your child grow, overcome challenges, and experience life’s greatest joys. Becoming a new parent is one of those joys, and it is one of the most rewarding, and yet challenging, times in your life. Because your child is one of the 12.6 percent of people living with a disability,  you may be wondering how to prepare them for this new adventure. Try not to worry too much. When you became a parent, you also had fears and concerns. 


Little Teether shares some different ways you can help your child focus on the joys of becoming a new parent. 


Prepare them


Having children changes everything, including you. Prepare your child to experience emotions they never thought possible and make sure they are ready for all of the emotional changes on the way. Remind your child that while this new journey will bring them happiness, bringing a new child into their life can also cause additional stress, anxiety, and disappointment. Feeling stressed is normal for new parents. Whether your child lives with a physical or mental disability, encourage them to take steps to make sure they are emotionally prepared for their new baby, including finding ways to relieve stress and take care of themselves. 


Being a disabled parent comes with a unique set of challenges, so help your child connect with a support system of friends and other parents that can help anchor them. They may need to call on this network for advice or support as they adjust to life as a parent. Reiterate to your child that feeling anxious or depressed is their body’s way of asking for help, so it may be time to reach out to a counselor for help. Postpartum depression and anxiety is common with new parents and a licensed counselor can help them work through issues, so they can focus on their new responsibilities.


Baby-proof the budget


Whether your child is already expecting or still trying to conceive, it’s never too early to prepare their budget for the new baby. Suggest to your child that they start a baby fund. It’s surprising how much small costs can add up when raising a child, especially in the first year. You’ve been through it already, so you are well aware of the need to plan for added food costs, doctor’s bills, extra utility costs, and so many diapers. Also, if your child is working, they need to think about child care and to factor those costs into the budget too. 


Get the home ready


Help your child baby-proof their home to ensure it is a safe environment for both parent and infant. Check floors to make sure they are even and slip-proof for those first steps. Install child safety latches on lower cabinets and drawers to prepare for tiny fingers, and don’t forget a childproof lock for the toilet lid. Start planning for a nursery and make sure the space is comfy for a baby and accessible to the parent. 


There are wonderful products on the market designed to make parenting easier for those with disabilities. For example, if your child requires the use of a wheelchair, look for specialty cribs and changing tables that are a bit lower for easier access. Getting the home ready early will relieve pressure once the new child arrives. 


Can you be closer?


You’ll likely want to be around your child and grandchild as often as possible, particularly to help your child navigate the first year of parenthood. If you don’t live nearby, this will make it tricky. And while driving or taking a flight aren’t the worst things, perhaps moving to the area is a more cost-effective decision that will give you an opportunity to provide support. This could even be the perfect time to downsize! Especially considering that Phoenix boasts a reasonable cost of living and low rental rates. With that in mind, check out Phoenix rentals first to see what’s available price- and size-wise and what’s in proximity to your child and their family. 


Having a child can be an intense experience, but it is a journey well worth taking. It seems like it was just yesterday that you were bringing your little one home, and now your child is bringing home a little one of their own. Everyone has to prepare themselves for parenthood and having a disability may mean they just prepare a little differently. Be a source of support, comfort, and knowledge for your child, but remember that this is a learning process. You made it through and they will too.


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Emily Graham

Mighty Moms

Guide: Becoming a “Mompreneur” and What That Means

Guide: Becoming a “Mompreneur” and What That Means

Guide: Becoming a “Mompreneur” and What That Means

mom working from home

Photo by William Fortunado from Pexels

As a stay-at-home mom, do you have dreams of one day running your own company, like an HR consulting business? Those dreams don’t have to take place “one day” — you can achieve them now, even as you’re staying home with your little ones. Let’s take a look at a few things you should do while you consider putting on the mantle of mompreneur.


Is your baby teething? Little Teether offers food-grade silicon toys for his or her gums. View our collections today!

Getting started

First thing’s first: Take a step back and make sure this is what you want to do. Undertaking a business venture is a huge decision, especially if you have a new baby at home. Making sure you choose the right business model, sketch out a successful plan, and make the right decisions are all critical right now before you start. Becoming a successful mompreneur is in your future if you lay the groundwork now! Setting a business plan is especially important as it will help put your goals at the forefront.

Form an LLC

If you so choose, forming a limited liability company (LLC) is beneficial for several reasons. One of the biggest advantages is that once your company is an LLC, you don’t have personal liability for losses experienced by the business. In this way, your personal assets are protected if the unthinkable happens. Also, you can file business taxes with your regular, personal return at the end of the year. Simplify the LLC filing process by using company formation services. 

Achieve that balance!

Building your own business and being a stay-at-home mom — both full-time ventures — can be tricky to juggle all at once. The key is to set boundaries and allow yourself time to do both things. This may require even greater time management skills than you already possess. 


Just remember: Prioritize, make a lot of lists, and make sure everyone is on a schedule. If your kids are in school, do your work while they are away. If your little ones are too young for school just yet, work while they nap during the day. Choose your moments carefully and don’t waste precious time! You’ll be able to achieve a work/life balance while at the same time caring for your children and fostering your career.

Things to remember

The difference between starting a business as your own boss and working within an already-established company is huge. For one, the tools and resources used by a mompreneur like yourself can be utilized fully as you know exactly what you want and need out of your own business.


Human resources professionals are often caught in the crossfire between management and the full-time employees who work under them, and office politics are no fun. Working as your own boss is a huge change of pace from being beholden to another company, mainly because you can make your own decisions and control your schedule — you are truly the architect of your own dreams, at this point.

Good luck out there!

Keeping all of these things in mind, make sure you have the bandwidth to focus on building a brand and business from the ground up. Your motivations and desires are strong: Build a business as strong as you are!

Emily Graham

Guest Blogger - Mighty Moms

Great baby shower gift ideas for 2021

Great baby shower gift ideas for 2021

Great baby shower gift ideas for 2021


The ideal baby shower gift can be hard to find, especially when there are a variety of options to choose from. Babies need so many gears and must have items and baby showers are perfect for helping parents to collect the things they need.  We have rounded up some gift ideas that will be loved by the baby and the parents who will definitely thank you later (don’t forget to forgive them if you get a 4am thank-you text, since they will be up for those early morning feeds and diaper changing sessions)

Here are our top baby shower 2021 picks that are affordable, essential and extremely adorable!



A memory book

The sweetest keepsake that allows creativity all throughout your pregnancy and baby’s first year. It is a wonderful gift to give any expectant mom, whether she is having her first baby or the fourth. Once the baby is all grown up, the family will also love looking back at this wonderful keepsake and reliving the memories.

Image source



A take me home set

Help baby make its first public appearance like a boss! A comfy and cute clothing set crafted in soft cotton, which includes a gown and a beanie set, a blanket, a sleeper and short sleeve bodysuits makes a wonderful baby shower gift. If you are looking for a gender neutral gift, go for colors like white or gray, like this adorable giraffe print newborn set.



Cot mobiles

Choose a colorful cot mobile in various patterns and shapes preferably in bright colors like red, blue and yellow. There are plenty of options to choose from, some mobiles are also musical. If the baby has a themed nursery, go for a mobile to match.


An infant play mat

Play mats are designed by experts to keep baby entertained and learning through the first few years. This infant play gym is a wonderful option to keep the baby engaged because it has a variety of textures and contents based on baby’s age that makes it customizable. As the baby grows from tummy time to sitting up, one can change the music and the learning and be sure to see hours of playtime.

image source



An infant seat

A baby registry must have! High tech baby seats that mimic a real person’s movement are the best utility based baby shower gifts for 2021 mommies and daddies to be. It lets parents be close to their babies and help soothe and calm them when mommy wants to stay hands-free and needs some rest.

Image source


An ouchie kit for the baby

An ouchie kit for all those unexpected emergencies that parents might not yet be prepared for!  Like a hands free thermometer that can measure surface and water temperatures along with body temperatures. Throw in some cotton pads, bandages, nail clippers and cold packs. Your friend will be thanking you majorly for such a thoughtful present! 



 A recovery kit for the new mama to be

At a baby shower, the gifts are all for the baby but it is nice to get something for the new parents who might not know what they’re getting in to. A postpartum recovery kit is an excellent baby shower gift for a new mom because it is something she doesn’t want to dwell on but will definitely need later. These products will really help her recover after having the baby

Image source


Hospital Bag Essentials for Mommy

How to Pack Your Hospital Bag? All the Essential Things You Need in A Hospital.

From the time parents know that they are pregnant, they start dreaming about the day they will meet their baby. Undoubtedly, it is the most exciting day, full of happiness and emotions. After all, it’s a new and lovely addition to your family.  

Before you daydream holding your little cutie in your arms, have you prepared for the big day? Do you know what should you pack in your hospital bag?

No matter, if you are going to be a mother for the first time or you already have two children, packing a hospital bag takes a lot of energy. But good planning can make every thing easy.

Sometimes, we wonder what should we pack, are we packing enough, are we packing extra. To answer all your questions, Little Teether has brought a complete list of hospital bag essentials that you might need during your stay at the hospital.

Continue reading to pack your hospital bag like a pro.

Hospital Bag Essentials for Mommy

Here are a few things that you must keep in your hospital bag:

  • Important Documents

Never forget important documents or forms at home. Keep your photo ID, insurance info, and hospital forms in an envelope, so it would be easy for you to carry them. 

  • Cell Phone and Charger

When your due date is near, try to keep your cell phone charged all the time. Also, take your regular USB charger and a portable power bank with you.

  • Toiletries

Thinking of going to the hospital without toiletries is not a good idea. You might have to stay in the hospital for more than a day.

So take your toothbrush, hairbrush, headband or ponytail holder, toothpaste, deodorant, lip balm, face wash, dry shampoo, and lotion with you.

  • Comfortable clothes, pillow, and blanket

Maternity wards are usually hot so keep light and comfortable clothes with you for your stay. Don’t forget to pack your favorite pair of slippers and your undergarments. Take some nice and comfortable clothes for the day you leave for home.

Your hospital will provide you with a pillow and blanket. But in case, you need a more home-like feel you can take yours. Similarly, hospitals usually provide small and thin bath towels so you can take your own.

Hospital Bag Essentials for Baby

It is recommended to pack a separate hospital bag for your baby so you won’t end up finding things when you need them urgently.

Take the following things with you, for your coming bundle of joy:

  • Baby Clothes

Don’t rely on one or two dresses for the little one. We know your baby will be so small to make the clothes dirty but a diaper change can surely make a mess.

So pack two outfits for each day and take two or three extra dress sets with you. A complete dress set includes baby inners, regular clothes, socks, caps, shoes, and mittens if it’s too cold.  Don’t worry they won’t take too much space.  

  • Blanket

You will also need a warm comfy baby blanket for your ride home.

  • Infant Car Seat

You must have an approved infant car seat with you to take your baby home.

  • Some Other Baby Essentials

Don’t forget to pack your baby’s accessories with you like a feeding bottle, diaper bags, newborn diapers, unscented baby wipes, and some burping clothes. Keep extra disposable bags with you to throw used diapers and pads.

When Should You Start Packing?

Babies are unexpected and who knows your baby is coming 1 week before your due date? Or he or she would be late for like two weeks.

You don’t know about your baby’s timing but you can prepare yourself before time. If your practitioner feels that there are chances you may get into labor early, you must have all your essentials pack before 35 weeks. Otherwise, packing between 37 and 38 weeks is recommended in most cases.


Making Summer Travel Easy with Kids

Making Summer Travel Easy with Kids (well, as easy as it can be)!

Summer is the ultimate time to take a family vacation. If you are like most parents though, the thought of traveling with kids sounds more stressful than relaxing. Dealing with fussy and whiny babies on the airplane isn’t exactly everyone’s cup of tea, and neither is dragging loads of luggage through the airport.

As someone who has done it more than enough times, I’d say the discomforts and inconveniences are no match for the fantastic time you will have in new places, the adventures, and the new memories. After all, you have less than 18 summers to do this with them, so make the most of it.

 With these tips for making summer time travel with kids easier, you will feel more confident as you get out of the door.


1.    Pack light

Trust us on this, the less you pack, the better. Whether you are traveling by plane or cruising in your car, nothing makes things more complicated than bags and bags of luggage. You can always do laundry in the middle of the trip or buy new stuff when you get there. As a rule, try to pack at most two suitcases that are easy to carry or drag through the airport. This is two or three days’ worth of clothes, and you can wash them as you go.

2.    Pack a small backpack for the kids

While children should not have their own suitcases, try to pack a small backpack with their special items. The items on the bag are strictly for entertaining and keeping them busy during the trip. Include a pencil case, Lego pieces, coloring book, tablet, and maybe one stuffed animal.

3.    Always have an umbrella stroller and car seat

If you have kids between 3 months and 3 years, a lightweight foldable stroller is a must-have. In the heat of summer, a stroller will serve as a good place for the baby to take a nap or rest when the rest of the family is taking walks. It’s also an excellent place for the parents to hang a diaper bag or store water and snacks. A car seat will also provide a safe place for the child to sit or lie down during the trip.

4.    Pack a carry travel bag

As you pack the suitcases, make sure also to pack a carry-on bag, so you don’t need to dig through the luggage during the trip. In the bag, put some baby wipes, refillable water bottles, snacks, and of course diapers. A change of clothes for you and the baby will also come in handy when someone spills juice on you or throws up all over you.

5.    Relax the rules

Traveling with children is as stressful for them as it is for you. Relaxing the rules a bit can make things much less stressful for everyone. They may not drink artificial juice at home or spend 5+ hours in front of the screen, but one day of doing so won’t kill them. By allowing them to do stuff they don’t usually do, they will be too busy to fuss and too excited to whine.

The secret to making summer travel easy with kids is planning ahead and giving yourself plenty of time to maneuver through everything on the big day. If it takes you one hour two get through the airport alone, give yourself two when you have kids.