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Follow These Strategies for Penny-Pinching Pregnancy Prep

 cutting costs of pregnancy prep

Follow These Strategies for Penny-Pinching Pregnancy Prep 

After months of trying, you’ve finally received the wonderful news: You’re pregnant! As your mind begins to shift toward the future, your excitement may quickly turn to anxiety as you unravel the seemingly endless list of to-dos that must be tackled before the due date.


Have no fear: Nine months is more than enough time to prepare for your little one. Expecting couples operating under a strict budget can even breathe a sigh of relief, as this preparation doesn't have to cost an arm and a leg.


Little Teether is dedicated to providing top quality tips and merchandise to expecting parents. For affordable, fun, durable and safe teethers and information that will help you and your family, connect with us today.


But first, check out these effective strategies for cutting the costs of pregnancy prep.


Gently Used


Many expecting mothers are surprised to see high prices for new maternity clothing. These costs aren’t helped by the fact that you’ll need new clothes as your belly grows. Parents don’t get a break when it comes to baby gear either, as these items can be priced high as well. Bear in mind, though, that a great many people purchase these items brand new and then sell or give them away with plenty of life left in them.


Gathering these necessities from gently used sources like eBay and thrift stores is a fantastic way to reduce your spending while still getting what you need. Maternity shirts and pants are perfectly fine when purchased used, but mothers should stay away from used underwear and other personal items. Verywell Family points out you can often rethink non-maternity clothes for your nine months, too. And don’t forget to hit up your girlfriends whose babies are already growing up! Some might be willing to give or loan you whatever you need.


Four Walls 


Parents-to-be are always looking for ways to cut costs in order to bolster their savings before their newborn arrives. And with eyes towards the future, many decide that paying rent isn’t as wise as paying a mortgage, especially since you can always sell your house later on. Investopedia notes both renting and owning have their pros and cons, but it’s true that if you plan to stay in one place and are financially ready, homeownership has much to offer.


Whether you’re already a homeowner and are looking for more space or if you’re just thinking about taking the plunge for the first time, research will help you make a sound decision. Look into your local housing market to get a feel for what to expect; for instance, homes in Phoenix had a median selling price of $335K last year. Check into the school systems and their rankings, and the crime rates in the neighborhoods you’re considering. Learn about the types of loans you might qualify for. Make sure that the timing is right for your family, and that the places you’re considering are a good match for your goals.


Bulk Up


Food can end up being an unexpected expense for expecting couples. With a new life growing inside, mothers not only need to eat more calories than before, but they’ll also experience intense cravings. There’s a prevalent myth that pregnant women need to “eat for two” when, in reality, they only need to be eating roughly 250-360 more calories depending on the point in the pregnancy. When you tack on those weird cravings, you’ve got a recipe for an expensive diet with multiple grocery store trips and last-minute take-out options.


Prepping your meals and shopping in bulk are great ways to cut costs without sacrificing the calories you need or the snacks you want. Plus, now is the perfect time to prep and freeze meals for when baby arrives. Then you can have food you can easily heat up without spending too much time in the kitchen.


Ask for Samples


Many pediatricians provide expecting mothers with free samples of varying maternity items. These samples are supposed to help patients become familiar with the different brands and determine which best suits their needs. Possible samples include baby shampoo, formula, diapers, and more.


Since these freebies aren’t advertised, you’ll have to ask during an appointment. Just let your doctor know that you’re interested in trying some samples. Don’t be afraid to ask for a decent amount to stockpile for when your baby arrives.


When you follow the right strategies, pregnancy prep doesn’t have to be an expensive endeavor. You can still get everything you need without letting your bank account take a major hit.

 Emily Graham

Photo Credit: Pexels

The Best Christmas Gifts for New Moms

The Best Christmas Gifts for New Moms

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Teething Necklace by Little Teether - Their little one might not be going through the teething phase yet, but it is for sure coming in the near future. Let her feel prepared by gifting her with a teething necklace. She can wear it as a cute accessory and keep her baby busy while running errands or holding them around the house. 

Personalized Necklace by Sunshine Native - A personalized necklace makes for such a thoughtful, from the heart, gift. The one above is such for mamas or you can make it simple and get their new babies name on a necklace or their birthdate.

Ugg Slippers - New mamas are a home a lot and so gift her something to keep her toesies warm and that feels comfortable to wear around the hose is just perfect. The Ugg slippers are so soft but they also have a hard sole so if they need to walk outside quickly they can. 



Barefoot Dreams Cardigan - This robe feels like a warm cloud is hugging you! It is perfect for any breastfeeding mom trying to stay warm during this chilly months. The great thing about it is that is is comfy enough to wear at home but also out and about too.

Massage gift card - Every mama needs some good rest and relaxation! She will also love sneaking away for a bit and spending some alone time. Gift her with a massage or spa treatment, and be mindful that is close enough to her house so she doesn't have to drive too far. 

Nursing Cover by Covered Goods - For any nursing mom's a cute printed cover is a great idea. Our favorite is from Cover Goods, they are so soft and roomy, but can also double as a cover for car seats, highchairs, and shopping carts 

Dry Shampoo by DryBar - A new mom might not have time to shower but this dry shampoo will take care of that! This dry shampoo is the best that is out there and it will make her hair feel and look amazing again. 

Baby Brag Book by Kate Spade - For the mom that likes to document everything and scrapbook. This adorable book let's her notate down all the memories and keep for years to come. 

This holiday season spoil that new mama, she deserves all the loving and gifts! Enjoy your holiday season! 


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