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How to Raise Happy and Healthy Children

How to Raise Happy and Healthy Children

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How to Raise Happy and Healthy Children


Raising happy and healthy children is a goal for most parents, but it can be hard to figure out the best ways to foster health and happiness in your kids, especially when electronics and social media work against those goals if used in excess. With the right knowledge and practices, though, you can develop a desire in them to make healthy choices.


The biggest influence on the behavior of children is the behavior of the adults in their lives. Simply put, your kids are going to follow the patterns they see you following, according to Psych Central and decades of science, so prioritize healthy decision-making in your own life. 


Here, Little Teether offers some tips you should consider!


Healthy Mind


The Child Development Institute points out that one of the most important things you can do to encourage your child’s mental health is to establish open lines of communication. Your kids have to know that they can talk to you and trust you. By building this trust when times are good, you are ensuring they turn to you when things get tough. Talk to your kids about stress management and give them the tools to handle times of crisis. Practice meditation together to help with focus and anxiety.


Interact positively with them, showing them affection and praising them when appropriate. Talk about emotions with your child, teaching them how to identify them early on. Show them how to handle emotions that might overwhelm them, like anger and fear. Reassure them that you are on their side and that whatever they feel, you can get through it together.


Purpose is essential to a person’s mental health, so let your children see you driven by your own sense of purpose. Pursue the dreams you always intended. If a degree is a goal for you, consider attending college classes online. Degrees in everything from marketing to accounting to nursing are available online, allowing you to work things around their own schedule. Watching your dreams become reality will show them that their dreams are attainable, too.


Healthy Body


Limit the number of processed foods and sugary drinks you keep in the house. Instead, focus on teaching your kids to enjoy cooking and eating healthy foods. Experiment in the kitchen together, letting your kids pick out recipes to try. Dabble in different cuisines from across the world, encouraging your children to try out new tastes and foods.


Encourage them to be active by planning family activities you can all enjoy. Take walks together after dinner or go swimming each weekend. Get their friends in on the activities when possible.


Participation in sports not only helps keep kids physically active, but it has also been shown to be beneficial to mental health. Enroll them in local sports clubs, or if team sports aren’t their thing, sign them up for martial arts classes or yoga classes.


Look for other, less traditional ways to get your kids active. Summer camps can be a great way to expose kids to fun new activities in short bursts. Alternatively, you can rent a vacation property to enjoy hiking, fishing, or just spending some time out on the lake. The more you can associate fun with the activity, the more likely your kids are going to want to maintain being active throughout their lives.


Raising happy and healthy kids is not an unattainable thing; it just requires work. Model the behaviors you want to see, keep an open line of communication, and engage with your kids in positive and active ways. By doing so, they’ll grow up to be the well-rounded, healthy individuals you've always wanted them to be.


-Emily Graham

Mighty Moms

Baby's First Christmas Keepsakes

Baby's First Christmas Keepsakes

Let's be honest, baby's first Christmas is kind of nice because you can get away with not spending too much money on them - they enjoy the wrapping paper and bags and boxes WAY more than whatever gift is inside. The problem is, as parents, we have so much trouble not OVER buying gifts for our kids (or am I the only one guilty of this?) I tend to try to keep it even between my three girls, making sure I don't spend a ton more or less on one of them. My oldest two make Wishlist's and know exactly what they want, (which makes it easy to know what to get for them), but my baby would be happy if I just wrapped up a roll of toilet paper! 

I've found that the best way to come up with gifts for baby's first Christmas, is to focus on keepsakes and sentimental things because they will likely be something that baby has for years to come, and will create sweet memories from their very first Christmas!

1. All my girls get a new Christmas Blanket every year. The options are endless with this. TJ Maxx has adorable and inexpensive blankets. I'm a sucker for Pottery Barn because they are the highest quality and do amazing personalization and monogramming. Even for a baby who doesn't care about gifts, they will love a comfy and sweet blanket! (This particular one is on sale right now!)

2. I'm a sucker for Piggy Banks. I love the concept. I love how special it becomes as kids get older. I love the process of explaining the importance of money to little ones. And I love how cute they have started making them. Again, these can be found several different places, but it would be so sweet to have one personalized for baby's first Christmas. Hopefully it won't be broken by baby's second Christmas. Ha! The one pictured is from Things Remembered, and they do amazing and quick personalization! 

3. A sweet frame to document their first 12 months of life is a MUST at some point - one where there is a slot for 12 pictures, one from each month. What better time to get it than Christmas? Mostly just because we need more things to wrap for baby so they can destroy the wrapping paper. Even if baby is only a month or two at Christmas, it's nice to have this before they turn a year so that you can start putting the photos in each month. There are some unique frames for this on Etsy (such as the ones pictured, but they can be found all over - Pottery Barn, The Land of Nod, Ross, Walmart, Target, etc. 

4. A Personalized Story Book. If you head to, make sure not to schedule anything for the next hour. This website is AMAZING and there are way too many adorable books to choose. Every kid loves this gift because THEY are the hero of the story. Their name is on every page and the book is personalized to them. It's so vital to read to babies when they are young, but this is also a gift they will love year after year! I truly believe that every kid needs this gift! 

5. Baby's First Christmas Ornament. This is a MUST. And just think, if you have 15 kids, your tree will be completely decorated just with these First Christmas ornaments. ;) The styles on these vary from ultra personalized to each individual baby, to very generic and classic. It may take time to find the perfect one for your sweet little one, but this is such a perfect keepsake. And as an adult, I STILL love looking at all my ornaments from when I was a kid. 

How To Save Money When Holiday Shopping For The New Parents In Your Life

How To Save Money When Holiday Shopping For The New Parents In Your Life


How To Save Money When Holiday Shopping For The New Parents In Your Life


WIth all the baby showers and celebrations for the baby, chances are the needs of the newest family member are already well taken care of. But Mom and Dad have had some major changes to their lives, and while they may not admit it, they could also really use a gift or two. Little Teethers would like to help you score discounts or cashback opportunities on your purchases you make for them “just because.” 


Creature Comforts

  • The new parents probably won’t be able to go to a restaurant for a long time. But you can bring the restaurant to them with a meal delivery service. 
  • The next best thing to bringing the restaurant to them is bringing them everything they need to make dinner. A meal-kit delivery service makes making dinner easy and fun. It saves the trip to the grocery story and gets them to try new recipes.


Around-the-House Helpers

  • Add functionality to their home or apartment with smart devices.
  • If they haven’t caught on to the Instant Pot craze, you can enlighten them. In addition to easy one-pot meals, they can use it to make baby food or to sterilize baby bottles.
  • You might also want to make a solid investment in the look of your backyard by hiring a professional landscaping service. To save money, just search for Angi “landscapers near me.”
  • They’re home so much they are probably Netflixed out. A yearly subscription to Amazon Prime can be bought with one easy payment. You’ll expand their streaming library and get them free shipping from Amazon as well.


Just for Them

  • Get them a wine subscription as a perfect pairing to the meal delivery service.
  • Everyone bought clothes for the baby, but Mom will need new clothes too. She’ll feel beautiful in a maternity and nursing nightgown, and you’ll have gotten it from a retailer who gives back to organizations that help moms.
  • When Mom and Dad need stress relief, the spa time you got them will be just what they need. 

It may not seem like much, but one of these caring gestures can bring that overworked new parent a bit of relief throughout the year. They’ll never forget their first year with the new family member, and while they may not show it, all the little things you do to help can make the experience that much richer. 


Emily Graham - Mighty Moms

Photo via Pixabay


Have a Fun and Affordable Vacation with Your Little Ones in Tow

Have a Fun and Affordable Vacation with Your Little Ones in Tow

When it comes to traveling with little ones, vacations can feel too challenging to plan. But it doesn't have to be! With a little savvy, you can easily put together a wonderful trip for the family, and avoid putting a hole in your wallet. Here are some tips, presented by Little Teether.

A Plan for the Kids

When you've got young ones to amuse and you know you're going to be on the road for an extended period of time, make sure you have a list of ideas to occupy them. Put together a bag filled with toys, coloring books and crayons, their tablet and any other item that can help them stay distracted. Don’t forget to grab some snacks and water so you don’t suffer an afternoon meltdown because your toddler is hangry. 

Take Stock of Your Ride

If a road trip is on the agenda, Popular Mechanics explains you’ll want to have your car serviced a few weeks before your trip. In addition to maintenance, you’ll want to review your auto policy to see if you’ve got enough coverage. If you need to bump it up, hunt around for a few quotes to get policy comparisons to see if you can find a deal. Note that certain factors like where you live and your driving record will determine your premiums. 


Once you’ve got the major details associated with your car worked out, put together an emergency kit and go ahead and throw in an atlas, just in case your GPS can’t connect. The last thing you want is to be lost in an unknown city with a bored toddler in the backseat. 

Explore Online Discounts

When you're planning a family trip, check online to see if you can find any good discounts. Many websites offer access to deals where you get a little bonus thank you via discounted prices or cash back for things like flights, hotels, concerts and more. With a promo code or coupon handy, you could book a trip to Disney or Universal Studios and save on bundled prices without having to search super hard for the best deal. You can keep the kids happy with fun attractions, and you’ll keep your budget happy with the savings you enjoy. 

Travel During The Off-Season

If your children are really young and don't have a school schedule to abide by yet, Mint suggests trying your hand at traveling to destinations during their off-season. Many locations offer lower prices when they're not making a killing off of tourists. Not only will you avoid the higher prices on things like amusement parks, but you'll have less of a crowd to deal with and be able to enjoy a more personal family vacation. 


Have a Souvenirs Plan

We’ve all seen moms and dads in gift shops with a screaming kiddo, and we all know the feeling that accompanies this situation. To avoid this situation, plan ahead. Try buying trinkets before you leave and stash them in your bag, or do your best to set expectations before any excursions where you anticipate a glut of souvenir shops. Not always easy with a toddler, but worth the effort. Another option is to start a small souvenir fund. You can even ask your kids to help you remember to add change all the time and watch it add up. 

Credit Cards Are For Emergencies

It's nice to have a credit card to fall back on when you want to spend money on something you think you've earned, but when you're on vacation it's important to make sure you don't overspend and blow through your budget. Try to pay with your debit card or cash only so that you don't return home with a bill that charges you interest and stresses you out. Nobody enjoys paying more than they've actually spent. Try to only use your credit card for an emergency.

Don’t Rule Out a Staycation

If traveling simply isn’t in the cards right now, or you simply don’t have enough room in your budget for an extended getaway, don’t rule out a staycation. Chances are, there are many places and activities that your family hasn’t experienced around Phoenix, giving you a great reason to stick around town. And if you want to jazz things up, rent a local vacation property near some of the places you’d like to visit (the Phoenix Zoo, for example, is just one of the many places around town worth visiting). You’ll get to enjoy staying somewhere else while sticking close to home.


Don’t let the idea of traveling with small children throw off vacation plans. You can tackle this challenge head-on, and now you’ve got some ideas to make it happen. 


Emily Graham - Mighty Moms

How to prepare your disabled child for parenthood

How to prepare your disabled child for parenthood


How to prepare your disabled child for parenthood


Congratulations! Your baby is having a baby. As a parent to a disabled child, you have watched your child grow, overcome challenges, and experience life’s greatest joys. Becoming a new parent is one of those joys, and it is one of the most rewarding, and yet challenging, times in your life. Because your child is one of the 12.6 percent of people living with a disability,  you may be wondering how to prepare them for this new adventure. Try not to worry too much. When you became a parent, you also had fears and concerns. 


Little Teether shares some different ways you can help your child focus on the joys of becoming a new parent. 


Prepare them


Having children changes everything, including you. Prepare your child to experience emotions they never thought possible and make sure they are ready for all of the emotional changes on the way. Remind your child that while this new journey will bring them happiness, bringing a new child into their life can also cause additional stress, anxiety, and disappointment. Feeling stressed is normal for new parents. Whether your child lives with a physical or mental disability, encourage them to take steps to make sure they are emotionally prepared for their new baby, including finding ways to relieve stress and take care of themselves. 


Being a disabled parent comes with a unique set of challenges, so help your child connect with a support system of friends and other parents that can help anchor them. They may need to call on this network for advice or support as they adjust to life as a parent. Reiterate to your child that feeling anxious or depressed is their body’s way of asking for help, so it may be time to reach out to a counselor for help. Postpartum depression and anxiety is common with new parents and a licensed counselor can help them work through issues, so they can focus on their new responsibilities.


Baby-proof the budget


Whether your child is already expecting or still trying to conceive, it’s never too early to prepare their budget for the new baby. Suggest to your child that they start a baby fund. It’s surprising how much small costs can add up when raising a child, especially in the first year. You’ve been through it already, so you are well aware of the need to plan for added food costs, doctor’s bills, extra utility costs, and so many diapers. Also, if your child is working, they need to think about child care and to factor those costs into the budget too. 


Get the home ready


Help your child baby-proof their home to ensure it is a safe environment for both parent and infant. Check floors to make sure they are even and slip-proof for those first steps. Install child safety latches on lower cabinets and drawers to prepare for tiny fingers, and don’t forget a childproof lock for the toilet lid. Start planning for a nursery and make sure the space is comfy for a baby and accessible to the parent. 


There are wonderful products on the market designed to make parenting easier for those with disabilities. For example, if your child requires the use of a wheelchair, look for specialty cribs and changing tables that are a bit lower for easier access. Getting the home ready early will relieve pressure once the new child arrives. 


Can you be closer?


You’ll likely want to be around your child and grandchild as often as possible, particularly to help your child navigate the first year of parenthood. If you don’t live nearby, this will make it tricky. And while driving or taking a flight aren’t the worst things, perhaps moving to the area is a more cost-effective decision that will give you an opportunity to provide support. This could even be the perfect time to downsize! Especially considering that Phoenix boasts a reasonable cost of living and low rental rates. With that in mind, check out Phoenix rentals first to see what’s available price- and size-wise and what’s in proximity to your child and their family. 


Having a child can be an intense experience, but it is a journey well worth taking. It seems like it was just yesterday that you were bringing your little one home, and now your child is bringing home a little one of their own. Everyone has to prepare themselves for parenthood and having a disability may mean they just prepare a little differently. Be a source of support, comfort, and knowledge for your child, but remember that this is a learning process. You made it through and they will too.


When stocking up on baby supplies, be sure to check out Little Teether. Babies love our teething products for their fun shapes, and parents love our teethers because they’re free of harmful toxins and they don’t harbor bacteria. Check out our store today! 

Photo Credit: Pixabay

Emily Graham

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